Jacek Mirczak w pracowni

Jacek Mirczak is an active visual artist in the Polish and international art scene. His works have been presented in solo and group exhibitions throughout the Poland, Italy, Algeria, USA and Australia and is included in private collections.

In 1988-1991 he co-founded together with Kazimierz Rochecki the artistic group “TEART”. Jacek has been an active participant in the Warsaw arts community for many years.

His works are characterized by repeatability of forms and saving colors. Jacek moving between geometrical abstraction and gestural painting, creates images with strong inner energy. References to both minimal art and abstract expressionism do not fully explain his works, which he himself calls “formal art”.

Jacek is currently represented by Xanadu Gallery and Auction House in Warsaw.

Selected exhibitions

2017: “To nie mój obraz” – Galeria Milano – Warsaw, Poland
2016: Artyści Saskiej Kępy – PROM Kultury – Warsaw, Poland
2016: “Gdy stoję z boku i słucham” – Galeria Milano – Warsaw, Poland
2015: “151022” – M4 Gallery – Warsaw, Poland
2015: “Płeć czysto prywatna” –  (DAP) OW ZPAP – Warsaw, Poland
2015: Garden Art Gallery 2015, Warsaw, Poland
2015: NOC MUZEÓW – Pracownia 23, Warsaw, Poland
2015: Galeria W-Z –  Fundacja CULTUS – Warsaw, Poland
2014: Armory Week – New York, USA
#SeeMeTakeover – Times Square, New York, USA
2014: III Festiwal Mappingu 3D – Tychy, Poland (animtion)
2014: Centrum Praskie Koneser – Warsaw, Poland
2014: Taboo, Polish Art Foundation – Frater Gallery – Melbourne, Australia
2014: Zadra – Warsaw, Poland
2014: Otwarta PRACOWNIA 23 STAN RZECZYWISTY – Warsaw, Poland
2014: “MIEJSCA” – SH Studio –  Warsaw, Poland
2014: “Stan rzeczywisty w Made in Wola” – Warsaw, Poland
2006: Galeria Bezdomna – Algier
2005: Galeria Bezdomna – ARCI NUOVA ASSOCIAZIONE –  Vasto, Italy
1989: Tumult Toruński ’89 – Muzeum Okręgowe w Toruniu, Toruń, Poland